Hereditary Peers, Rushdie’s Knighthood and the He-Man Jack Straw – A Muslim View

I listened to a khutbah today where the imam spoke about envy. The third type of envy he mentioned was where you see someone with something and you would like the same for yourself but you also want them to keep what they have. This is an acceptable form of envy whether it be for a car or some upright behaviour you see in that person. Another type of envy he mentioned was when you desire that good thing to leave the other person in a spiteful way, whether the benefit comes to you or not. Now this is haram completely unacceptable.

I mention this because I have noticed that since the labour government came to power in Britain ten years ago they seem to have been obsessed with destroying everything that I would of thought were the best things about Britain. This was particularly noticeable when it came to the ban on fox hunting. Was that not simply jealousy of the fact that this was a lifestyle they had no entry into? Is this where they started to feel inadequate? Did they feel that the remnants of the British aristocratic class were behind their back laughing at them and calling them peasant upstarts?

Of course later on they realised ‘horror of horrors’ that people from the Caribbean, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa and elsewhere are also very class conscious themselves and none moreso than the Muslims.

“We love you Mr Blair, but there is no denying you are still a kafir.”

They say they don’t believe, but it still bothers them greatly that here is another club they can’t get into. So what do they do? They can mock religion in general, but too many of them are professed christians of some sort. Then they realise that despite their publicised differences there is actually much to much that the Muslims actually agree on.

“Put up our own ‘Muslim’ spokesman that should do the trick,”

but as soon as they open there mouth they lose credibility with the Muslims,

“we need a direct attack, we need to provoke them.”

Jack Straw obliges. A big man, supposedly one of the most powerful men in the country, feels he cannot effectively have a conversation with a female Muslim constituent if he can’t see her face. No point phoning him then.

“That’ll stir up the barbarian hordes” (See: Lifting the Veil on the Veil Issue)

But more importantly it might make it open season on Muslim women.

“That’ll teach those Muslims for daring to vote in George Galloway in East London and embarrassing the labour party”

Not content with turning the whole justice system on its head, sanctioning torture, instigating war and creating a climate of fear, the outgoing leader decides he must give a final kick in the teeth to the British Muslim population with the knighthood of this criminal author. The poor souls in these literary and artistic circles, now have to defend this man they don’t really like all over again in order to prove their liberal credentials. As usual these liberals insist we be free to express our views, except of course when our views are that:

“you are talking absolute nonsense, your behaviour is filthy and disgusting, you’re a kafir and if you don’t change your ways you’ll probably end up in hell”

They hate that! We’re not playing the game, so now their precious liberal values go straight out the window.

Isn’t it absolutely clear. Does a study of history not show us that often times, particularly in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent that it was so often the nobles, the ruling classes, the educated classes that first embraced Islam because they could see it confirmed what they knew of noble character and acceptable social behaviour. Was it not the upstanding behaviour of the Muslim traders that had a first and lasting impact on many people? (not to deny the impact of the warrior).

We Muslims have to regain our nobility. This means establishing what is fard and avoiding what is haram. This means establishing, according to the Sunnah, the pillar of Zakat in all its glory including the necessary leadership, gold & silver, identifying local recipients and distributing it accordingly (view related article). Coupled with that we must take steps to have halal business contracts and to avoid riba/usury in all its guises.

If we do this then what is left of the aristocracy, the best of the self-made wealthy businessmen, graduates from the top schools, the dynamic community activists will all have no choice but to get together with our African (North, East & West), Caribbean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Arab Muslims brothers and sisters in order to make Britain truly ‘Great Britain.’

In the meantime we cannot continue to be made fools of. We have to see what is happening. We must begin to really consider if we as Muslims can justify taking part in the democratic process where sometimes less than 20% (one fifth) of those even registered to vote actually bother. It would definitely be shameful and a travesty of logic should any Muslim vote for the labour party given their awful record of the last ten years, unless it forms part of some clearly legitimately Muslim led and defined strategic process that would have a clear benefit locally or nationally.

So our rallying cry must be “Zakat, Zakat, Zakat”

May Allah grant us success, Amin


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  1. Abdullah Seymour says:

    Ameen. Great article sir. Big up all the Muslims

  2. masaja says:

    i have money with my friend doing business with him do i need to give zakkat for that money??

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